Submitting your entry to the Engineering Showcase

Entry to Matchtech’s Engineering Showcase is now open, so make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to have a project from your organisation featured in our gallery.

We want to celebrate outstanding achievements in the field. The Showcase allows inspiring engineering projects to be featured in a gallery on our website, which attracts over 120,000 visits each month.

No matter where you are in the country or the sector that you work in, we want to hear about success. We want to display the very best that the UK engineering industry has to offer. So, if your organisation has achieved something over the last year that you feel deserves to be featured in our Showcase, make sure you submit your entry for the 2013 gallery.

Please  tell us:

» About the project and persons involved

» How the achievement was carried out

» Why it was significant

» How it was a success

We will pick the very best entries and invite fellow engineers to vote on the accomplishment that they feel most deserves to be showcased. Based on these votes, the winning entry will then be featured in the gallery, with video interviews of the people involved.

Enter the engineering showcase by uploading your details and project in the 'submit an entry' form at

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