The STEM and Us TargetJobs Breakfast Conference Write Up

Yesterday our Graduate Team took pride in attending the ‘STEM and Us’ graduate focused Breakfast Conference with TargetJobs.

The conference took place at the trendy Quaglino’s restaurant in London and got started with a delicious breakfast that was served to an audience of graduate recruiters. The main event was held by four brilliantly talented individuals who work to supportthe Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) industry. The topical debate over the future of STEM skills in the UK was approached with humour, experience and some hard hitting facts.

The majority of the presentations revolved around the STEM skill shortage epidemic; stating the worrying reality that we need 104,000 new STEM graduates every year until 2015, but are annually falling short of this figure by 40,000 graduates.

The main focus of this meeting was to discuss how we can bridge this deficit. Criticisms were made about our current education system, the national marketing of STEM skills and the imposing threat of non-STEM industries that seem to be attracting our brightest young talent.

Marcus Body, Head of Research at Work Group, controversially suggested that the skill shortage is a misperception of our current situation. Our country has thousands of talented individuals who can easily fulfil our workforce need. The UK’s real issue is that companies are unwilling to hire inexperienced graduates and are not adapting their criteria when recruiting in areas with high skill shortages.

Which begs the question; in a period of skill shortage,  – how can we get these graduates the necessary experience?

There is much to be discussed about this incredible morning. I cannot begin to explain in this post all the thought provoking concepts that were discussed. However, we will shortly be adding more blog posts and discussing the events of yesterday in greater detail.

The STEM skill shortage topic isn’t over, and we want you to join in the conversation. So get involved on our graduate Twitter and Facebook sites.

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