43% of engineers from our Confidence Index have already considered that their future in engineering may include work abroad. This is not surprising given then that we are surrounded by news of factories closing, the costs of living in the UK rising and that we are becoming increasingly reliant on international imports.

The media makes us feel that we are moving ever further away from that golden age of manufacturing in the UK.

However, would you be surprised to know that the UK peak of production was only 6 years ago?

In 2007, the UK manufactured the largest volume of output ever recorded in history! Dennis Turner, the former Chief Economist for HSBC plc. spoke plainly about this at the ‘STEM and Us’ Breakfast Conference.

Dennis produced scatter graph after bar chart of evidence to illustrate that the UK is facing a positive economic outlook. He demonstrated the figures behind the trends, but most importantly he discussed why we should be optimistic about UK manufacturing as we leave this recession.

Firstly, he argued that other countries are gaining huge economic burdens which will reorder the UK’s priorities. He stated that China is increasingly purchasing on the World market. This comes at a cost, which will cause a rise in their private spend and make it necessary for their average wage to increase.  With this in mind, countries like China will be unable to produce cheap alternatives and therefore the demand for UK manufacturing should increase.

Secondly, Dennis reminds us that we already have a strong manufacturing chain in the UK. We may look internationally for cheap goods and bargain prices; yet we look to ourselves for quality. For example, the UK used to simply produce Rover cars in Birmingham but now this area is home to the construction of Formula 1 engineering.

We are a leading country in the manufacturing of aeroplane wings; we are legendary shipbuilders and are leaders in medical research, yet although things are changing, we cannot at present compete with low international prices. However, what we can do is to continue manufacturing quality goods so that we can build our economy on a global scale.

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Matchtech would also like to thank Dennis Turner for his illuminating presentation at the ‘STEM and Us’ TargetJobs Breakfast Conference. If you are ever lucky enough to meet this man, we would encourage you to keep a paper and pen at the ready.

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