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6 Clear Signs That It’s Time To Move Job

6 Clear Signs That It’s Time To Move Job

Considering moving job but unsure if the timing is right? Here are 6 common signs that you should be exploring new career opportunities. 

Thinking about moving job?

Timing is key. 

If you nail the timing of your transition, you’ll be in a strong position to thrive in a new role and unlock exciting professional opportunities. 

But how will you know the perfect time to pull the trigger on a career change? 

Below are a few common signs that indicate you should be open to a new role. 

1. You’re not feeling challenged 

If you’ve spent time and energy building a career in a technical field, it’s vital that you feel challenged and mentally stimulated in your role. 

Challenges are crucial for growth and development. 

If you’re not being presented with exciting challenges, then you’ll struggle to learn, and it may feel like you’re stagnating. 

Your current employer might have run out of development ideas for your position, or they may have just become complacent over time. Whatever the reason, if you’re not feeling challenged in your day-to-day role, it’s time to look for a new opportunity. 

2. You don’t believe in your employer 

When you genuinely believe in a company's purpose or a shared business goal, you’re more likely to feel motivated in the workplace and satisfied with your contributions. 

But if you feel like you’re no longer aligned with your employer’s values, you should consider a career move. 

By jumping to a business that you believe in, you’ll feel infinitely more driven and incentivised to produce your best work. Job satisfaction is extremely important, and belief in your employer is a key part of this puzzle. 

3. You’re struggling to balance your work/social life

The fast-paced, challenging nature of technical work can be hugely appealing - but there needs to be a balance. 

To avoid burnout and career frustration, you need to be in a role that facilitates a healthy work-life balance. If you’re regularly wrestling with unrealistic deadlines and insufficient resources, then you’ll struggle to make the most of your talents.

Feelings of constant stress and anxiety are a clear sign that it’s time to make a move. 

4. You’re not receiving regular feedback

To nurture your professional development, your employer should provide you with different types of consistent feedback.

This includes regular, agile feedback (e.g. chats and check-ins) alongside more formal performance milestones (e.g. annual/bi-annual appraisals.)

You should consider a career transition if you’re not receiving enough feedback to fuel your growth.

5. You don’t have a clear progression path 

You should always feel motivated and driven towards achieving your next career goal, which is why a clear progression path is so important. 

Your employer should be providing you with actionable targets, a transparent progression structure, and regular performance reviews. Without these building blocks in place, progression will be very difficult, which often leads to a lack of motivation and satisfaction.

If you’re not 100% clear on the next rung in your professional ladder, you should start scoping out a new role. 

6. You’re working in a toxic business environment 

It’s worryingly easy to become stuck in a toxic work environment, but if you’re noticing red flags in your current company (e.g. bullying, harassment, manipulation) then it’s time to move. 

Working in this type of business can be incredibly damaging for your mental health, causing tremendous amounts of stress and anxiety. 

Many employees may feel like they’re exaggerating certain issues, or even believe they’re at fault themselves - but this isn’t the case. In this situation, a job switch isn’t just important for your career prospects - it’s also critical for your well-being. 

A career in engineering, technology, or science can offer many exciting opportunities, so don’t settle for less if you’re not satisfied with your current role. 

At Matchtech, we specialise in enabling both candidates and employers to find the perfect fit - if you’re thinking about a career move, we’ll help you to discover the right role, with the right company, and on the right terms. 

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