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6 qualities of successful technology sales professionals

6 qualities of successful technology sales professionals

The boom in technology areas such as Cyber Security, Big Data, IoT, Cloud and AI has led to a huge demand for technology sales professionals to sell software resulting from these new disruptive technologies. But what are the skills you need to make it in technology sales? Here are six qualities of a successful technology sales professional.

Technical know-how

Excellent technical know-how of the products and services you’re selling is vital for success in this career. Technology sales professionals must be able to communicate the features and benefits of technical products in a simple way and show how it’s better than its competitors to overcome any objections further down the line. With technology changing so rapidly, the best technology salespeople keep their knowledge of new products and new technologies up to date. Reading industry reports and analysing company information on prospective clients’ websites helps build knowledge of products and sectors.

A business head

Due to the large cost of new technology implementations, the sale of technology software is often a big strategic investment for businesses. Technology sales professionals must provide key decision makers with important information in order to gain buy-in from senior board members such as cost/benefit analysis. The results from this if communicated effectively will provide key stakeholders with a business and financial case to present to decision makers.

Consultative approach

People who work in technology sales must understand the key opportunities and pain points of their prospective clients so that they can offer a consultative approach, showcasing how the solution on offer can be tailored to the needs of the client. By listening carefully to the wants and needs of prospective clients salespeople can gain trust and be able to offer a more compelling proposition which is a perfect fit for the client.

Relationship builder

Technology salespeople need to be able to interact with different types of business stakeholders from finance executives to technical managers. This can often be a slow burner as it can take several months before an initial interaction converts into a sale. Regular communication is the key to building these relationships, and the most competent salespeople choose their method of communication wisely to suit the preferences of each stakeholder- they know whether the finance executive is more of a face-to-face person or is happy to have a conversation over email.

Team player

The sheer amount of stakeholders involved in the sale of technology means that teamwork is essential to success. Technology sales professionals must liaise with technical specialists to create solutions for the client that require a lot of effort and understanding from both parties. There may also be a requirement to collaborate with marketing teams to support with the development of communication programmes and supporting materials to ensure successful delivery of the sales pitch.


Many technology salespeople have a technical background but may initially lack an understanding of different sales techniques. Others may have built a sales career in another industry but need to build their knowledge of technology. Regardless of your background, employers look for people who are confident in their abilities and willing to learn new skills or knowledge.

If you’re flexible to new ways of working and fit into the company culture, you’ll be the employer’s first choice.

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