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Our affiliations

Proud to partner with organisations that are helping build STEM futures 

Matchtech's purpose is to provide the skills needed to build a better future - one job at a time. That's why we're proud to champion organisations that are helping do just that. 

We’ve built close bonds with a select number of nonprofits and governing bodies that lead by example and drive the recruitment, staffing and hiring industry forward.

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Talent tap


Foothold is an organisation dedicated to supporting engineers and their families through life’s challenges, making sure they never have to face them alone. 

Following the challenges created by the global pandemic, we made it our mission to support STEM communities around the world. 

In partnership with Foothold, we’ve raised funds to build a Mental Health Wellbeing Hub, providing engineers with the resources and support they need to improve their quality of life.


Association for Black & Minority Ethnic Engineers (AFBE) 

The Association for Black and Minority Ethnic Engineers (AFBE) is an organisation dedicated to supporting and advocating on behalf of black and minority ethnic engineers in the United Kingdom. 

AFBE provides mentoring, networking, career guidance, and other forms of support to its members and lobbies the government on pressing issues including equal pay, access to education, and diversity initiatives. 

We’re proud to partner with AFBE, helping them work with employers to create apprenticeships and placements for engineers from underrepresented backgrounds.

The Talent Tap

The Talent Tap are a social mobility charity helping young people from social mobility cold spots across the UK access opportunities and succeed in their career.

Matchtech have partnered with them to run residential work experience programmes every summer to help break down the geographical barrier that often stands in the way of young people accessing work experience.

With a focus on social mobility in STEM, additionally, we'll be supporting The Talent Tap not only by sourcing those career-defining work experience opportunities but also through careers mentoring, providing employability workshops and introducing these talented students to key influencers within STEM employers.

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STEM Ambassadors 

We want to show that STEM is an exciting career path that's open and accessible to all, and this forms the basis of our partnership with STEM Ambassadors.

STEM Ambassadors are a group of dedicated volunteers, passionate about promoting STEM subjects to young people. They aim to inspire and engage students by sharing their experiences, expertise, and enthusiasm for STEM fields.

Representing a broad range of STEM-related professions, these ambassadors work closely with schools, colleges, and non-school groups to provide support and resources that help bring STEM subjects to life. By organizing events, activities, and workshops, they showcase the practical applications and exciting career opportunities available in STEM industries.

Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC)

We’re proud members of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), a professional body promoting best practice and high quality service standards across the recruitment industry.

We were one of the first organisations to be recognised for delivering excellence and be rewarded with the coveted “Audited” status. 

With REC backing, our clients and candidates work with us with the reassurance that we adhere to all industry regulations and best practices.

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Work with us to build a better future

Join us and our partners on the mission to bridge the STEM skills gap and make STEM an exciting career route that’s accessible to all.

Get in touch now to: 

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  • Partner with us to develop STEM opportunities in areas of hidden or under-represented talent pools