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Navigating the recruitment process

Arm yourself with the right tools to land your next STEM job

With 93% of candidates reporting experiencing interview anxiety, feeling stressed about the recruitment process is completely natural. But if you find it’s holding you back from presenting your best self, we’re here to help. 

From interview best practices to offer negotiation, our expert resources have the information you need to impress prospective employers, progress with confidence, and secure an offer that reflects your professional value.

How to become a 5G ready telecoms engineer

Interview prep 101: how to set yourself up for success

Preparing for a big job interview? Learn how to showcase your skills, impress your interviewers, and present the best version of yourself.

How to prepare for every interview type

Whether it’s a video call or a face-to-face meeting, learn how to prepare for your next job interview to give yourself the best chance of success. 

job offer

You've got a job offer - what next?

Wondering what your next steps should be after receiving a job offer? Discover how to evaluate, accept, and successfully proceed with a new role. 

The most common interview questions

An interview is a sales situation. You are selling yourself to the company and they should be selling themselves to you too. Whilst you need to prepare answers for the questions they might ask you, you should also consider what questions you want to ask them.

job what next
assessment centre

Assessment centres 101: What to expect and how to prepare

Whether you're a graduate looking for your first position or a seasoned professional assessment centres can be used at any job seniority level. Find out in this article what to expect and how to prepare for assessment centres.

The three golden rules of asking questions in an interview

Want to know what questions can really put off employers?

So you don’t end up doing your best ‘rabbit in headlights’ impression at your next interview, we’ve highlighted three golden rules we believe you need to follow.

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Feeling inspired to take on your next career challenge?

Our expert consultants can advise you through the entire recruitment process, from start to finish. All you need to do is create your free account and we’ll get started finding amazing opportunities for you.