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Career Planning & Progression

Get the information you need to make the right career moves

Looking to progress your career? You’re not alone. Over the course of our lifetimes, research shows that the average person will change jobs 12.9 times - with 29% of those individuals switching careers completely. 

So, if you think it’s time for a change, we’re here to help. From first steps to next moves, discover the resources you need to tackle common challenges head-on and build your dream career.

How to build a successful career in quantity surveying

How to identify the best engineering sectors to work in

Wondering which direction your engineering career should progress in? Learn more about choosing your speciality and discovering your passion. 

6 Clear Signs That It’s Time To Move Job

Considering moving job but unsure if the timing is right? Here are 6 common signs that you should be exploring new career opportunities.

move job

Advancing your contracting career - the quickfire guide

Wondering how you can progress your engineering career, build your reputation, and command a higher salary?

Is contracting right for you? Pros & cons you need to consider

Thinking about a career in contracting? In this piece, we explore the pros and cons of contract work versus full-time employment to help you make the right decision.


Considering retirement? How contracting could boost your pension pot

Are you looking at retiring? Discover how contracting could help you to increase your pension and facilitate a smooth transition.

Top tips for a standout CV

Your CV or Curriculum Vitae is the primary instrument you need to apply for a job. It is your working life on a page (or two) describing your education, experience, skills and qualifications in a way that demonstrates the benefits of a recruiter hiring you. 

Find out how to make your CV standout in this article.

cover letter

Top tips for a cracking covering letter

A covering letter is a great way for showing your motivation for applying to a particular job. It will allow you to expand on why your skills and background make you a good candidate for the job. 

Find out all you need to know about writing a cover letter.

Guide to completing a top tech job application

Many large companies use application forms as part of their recruitment process so they can compare applicants on a like-for-like basis and whittle down their ideal candidates quicker. The challenge for you as an applicant, is how to make your application form stand out.


Client networks - why they’re important, and how to build one

Client networks can be game-changing for a contractor’s professional success. Here’s how to build one and effectively increase your pool of opportunities. 

Dealing with redundancy

As difficult as redundancy may seem, it can provide you with an opportunity to re-evaluate your career goals and take on new challenges. Remember, it is the role that has been made redundant, not you and it is never an easy decision for employers to make.


Why choose a specialist recruitment agency?

Recruitment agencies connect jobseekers with hiring companies to help create valuable opportunities between them – the job seeker gets the job they want and the hiring company gets the person they need to get the job done. But what's the benefit of using a specialist recruitment agency?

7 questions to ask a recruiter

When you’re looking for a new job or your next contract, you want it to be an easy, stress-free experience. A recruitment agency can make this a reality, but if they all say they can find you the perfect job, how do you decide on which agency to approach?

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Start planning your next career steps

Whether you’re taking your first steps or making your next move, we can help you find your dream STEM job. Start your search now,  or create a free account to build your job-seeking profile and get the latest opportunities land in your inbox as soon as they go live.