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Bridge your STEM skills gap

Need to hire professionals with scientific, technology, engineering or mathematics skills? Our award-winning consultants can help you tap into industry-leading talent and quickly find the contract and permanent resource you need to deliver projects on budget and on time - every time. 

Get the resources you need to attract, acquire and retain leading STEM talent

Resource planning

Plan effectively to pipeline the talent you need to keep projects on-track and your internal teams operating at maximum efficiency.

Mechanical Designer
attracting candidates

Attracting candidates

Learn how to make your company a magnet for top-tier talent so you can fill urgent vacancies fast. 

Managing applicants

Learn how to manage and effectively shortlist applicants to secure the resource you need.

managing applications
interviews and testing

Interviews and testing

Accurately assess skills and refine your shortlist to highlight the best talent for your vacancies.

Offers & onboarding

From contracts to onboarding, discover everything you need to cover to help your new starters thrive.

offers and onboarding

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How it works

  • Complete the form and send your vacancy or multiple vacancy details
  • You'll receive a call within 1 hour (Mon-Fri/9am-5pm) from our team
  • We'll provide our terms and agree a fee
  • If you're happy to proceed we'll start working on your vacancy straight away

No placement, No fee! What have you got to lose?