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Interviews and testing

Refine your interview process to uncover hidden talent

Accurately assessing candidates to find the right fit for your roles can be a challenging process - especially when talent that looks perfect on paper might not interview well. 

In this section, we’ll set you up with the resources you need to dial in your interviewing process, helping you to see the best side of each and every candidate. 


12 Must-Ask Interview Questions for Technical Candidates

Technical roles require various soft skills alongside technical know-how. Try these 11 interview questions when hiring for your next role.

Find contract or permanent talent, fast

Get the talent you need to bridge your STEM skills gap with the support of 300+ expert recruiters.

Need help with other talent challenges?

Through the wider Gattaca group we can offer professional staffing recruitment, workforce solutions, and statement of work project delivery. 

Learn more about how our sister companies can support you in attracting, securing, and retaining the best talent in the industry.