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STEM futures

STEM heroes

Celebrating the people and projects that are building a better future

The STEM Heroes programme is an initiative that celebrates the individuals and projects that are making a positive impact on our world through their work in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

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Who are the STEM heroes?

STEM Heroes are a diverse group of people coming from a variety of backgrounds, including our charity, community, and corporate partnerships and ranging from those who work in the industry to unsung heroes who have made a significant contribution to STEM within their communities.

They are people who have demonstrated exceptional skill, innovation, and dedication some having developed new technologies and solved complex problems, others are investing their efforts in inspiring and enabling the next generation of STEM Heroes.

Honouring our STEM heroes

Through STEM Heroes, we aim to recognise and celebrate the achievements of these remarkable individuals, projects and wider contributions, we believe that by shining a light on their work, we can inspire others to pursue careers in STEM and contribute to building a better future for all.

Each year, we look to hold our STEMspiration awards ceremony to honour our STEM Heroes.

At this a special event we bring together our partners, supporters, and community to celebrate the outstanding contributions of our STEM Heroes.

The awards ceremony recognises individuals and projects in a range of categories, including innovation, research, education, outreach, and community impact.

We also award a special prize to our STEM Hero of the year, who is selected from among the winners of each category. This is the most prestigious award of the evening and is given to the individual who has made the most significant contribution to STEM in the past year.

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Inspiring the next generation

The STEM Heroes programme and the STEMspiration awards ceremony are important initiatives for our organisation.

We believe that celebrating the achievements of our STEM Heroes is a powerful way to inspire the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers.

By recognising and promoting the work of these exceptional individuals, we hope to encourage more people to pursue careers in STEM and contribute to building a better future for all.