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Routes into STEM

Find your path to a new technical career

Short for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, STEM provides endless avenues for challenging, fulfilling careers that will give you the chance to challenge yourself, change the world and help build a better future. 

But how can you get into STEM? What qualifications do you need? And which career path is right for you? In this section, find the resources and advice you need to find your route into STEM and carve your career in this exciting industry. 


What Jobs Can I Do With My Degree In Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics?

Wondering which career paths you can explore after earning a STEM degree? Click here to learn more about your best options.

Want to Build a Technical Career? You’ll Need These Key Skills

Do you dream of landing a role in the STEM field? Here are the skills you’ll need to develop to set yourself up for success.

no degree

No Degree? No Problem! How to Build a Technical Career Without Attending University

Think you need a degree to get into a STEM career? Think again! Here’s how to land a role in this exciting sector without attending university. 

Inspiring engineering stories from Tomorrow's Engineers week

Following Tomorrow’s Engineers week, we want to thank all of those who contributed their own stories and experiences in the engineering industry. We believe that your responses can help inspire our engineers of the future, and have been overwhelmed by the support.

Civil Engineering

Top jobs for civil engineering graduates

If you’ve chosen to study engineering or have just finished an engineering degree, you’re already on the path to a successful, rewarding career. Find out more.

Creating a career as a mechanical design engineer

Playing an important part in every engineering sector, mechanical design engineers are highly sought after to work on a number of major projects in the UK.


How to get into automotive engineering

Automotive engineers are responsible for the design, development and manufacturing of vehicles; from motorbikes and cars, to buses and trucks. They often focus on one of three areas: design, production, or research and development, so there are plenty of career paths you can choose as an automotive engineer.

5 reasons you should choose a career in cyber security

There has never been a better time to work in cyber security. A survey of more than 19,000 cyber security professionals has revealed that the world is expected to face a shortfall of 1.8 million cyber security workers. Not only are there plenty of jobs on offer but salaries are also on the rise.


Build your dream career in STEM

Whether you’re taking your first steps or making your next move, we can help you find your dream STEM job. Submit your CV now and we’ll send you updates as relevant roles come in.