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Offers and onboarding

Help your new hires hit the ground running

When onboarding new talent, striking a balance between welcoming them into the team and integrating them into their new role is crucial to reducing time to value.

From keeping security-clearance candidates engaged and preventing non-starters to welcoming new contractors into your projects teams, discover the resources you need to give your new talent a running start.

Chemical Engineering

3 Ways To Avoid Non-Starters During Recruitment

Non-starters can be hugely disappointing and disruptive for your business - here’s how you can avoid the issue and successfully onboard new hires.

3 Ways to Keep Candidates Engaged During Security Clearance

Got a length gap between security clearance and a candidate’s start date? Here’s how to keep them engaged and ready for their new role.

no degree

5 Key Resources To Prepare For New Team Members

Welcoming a new hire to the team? Click here to explore 5 key resources that can help you to facilitate a seamless onboarding process. 

4 Foolproof Tips for Minimising Contractor Time to Value

Wondering how to get the best return on investment from your contractor hires? Here’s how to minimise time to value with your next recruit.


4 Expert Tips For Making New Contractors Feel Welcome

Looking to help a contractor settle in quickly and get comfortable with your team? Here’s how you can welcome new hires.

Find contract or permanent talent, fast

Get the talent you need to bridge your STEM skills gap with the support of 300+ expert recruiters.

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Through the wider Gattaca group we can offer professional staffing recruitment, workforce solutions, and statement of work project delivery. 

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