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6 qualities of a successful Quality Engineer in Aerospace

6 qualities of a successful Quality Engineer in Aerospace

All industries have quality standards that they need to comply with but for some, like the aerospace industry, quality standards mean more than compliance. In this line of work, if tasks aren’t carried out correctly and to a specified standard, it could have huge consequences on safety.

With recent legislation and accreditation changes the Quality jobs market has seen a high demand to secure experienced Quality Engineers who can implement these changes and ensure continued compliance. Aside from the standard technical experience and knowledge, what other qualities does it take to be a successful Aerospace Quality Engineer? Here are six traits that all the best Aerospace Quality Engineers have. 

Good problem solving

As a Quality Engineer a large part of your role will involve fault finding and problem solving. There are many methods and tools that Quality Engineers use such as the eight disciplines of problem solving, which is a highly effective scientific approach for resolving chronic problems. A Quality Engineer’s main responsibility is to look at a problem and find the best way to rectify it which complies with safety standards/customer specifications and designs that best suits the company capabilities and requirements.

Strong communication skills

Within Quality Engineering, communication is very important as you are required to liaise with other departments to suggest ways of improving any issues. The most successful Quality professionals are usually the ones who work best with Design and Production and other departments to understand needs, requirements and issues. A lot of companies that have quality issues say that it is due to different departments not communicating properly, which has a knock-on effect on production and output.

Process driven

Due to the role involving fault finding there will be processes that you need to go through to ensure you find problems and rectify any issues in the correct way. Quality within Aerospace is an important role in ensuring that processes exist for efficiency, speed and safety.

Excellent attention to detail

Undoubtedly, one of the most important attributes Quality professionals need is good attention to detail. From inspectors through to management the whole basis of the role is on fault finding and therefore needs someone meticulous enough to notice issues or errors that someone else may have overlooked.


Analytical and methodical

Within Quality Engineering there can be a lot of documentation and report writing so being methodical with your work is very important. Someone who can look at a problem or fault and find the best and quickest way to rectify it is essential within the Quality Department.

Works well under pressure

The aerospace supply chain can be very demanding with orders and manufacturing companies can often be highly pressurised environments. A very important trait for a Quality Engineer is the ability to handle stressful situations, working to the same standards regardless of urgency. 

As Quality Engineers are so vital to the Aerospace industry, employers are eagerly looking for these six specific traits. If this is you, find out about our latest quality engineering vacancies here.