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Stress Engineer Jobs

Stress engineers conduct essential analysis on all aircraft components and systems, together with assessing the entire airframe structure, either composite or metallic. Vibration analysis, fatigue and damage tolerance analysis, crash and impact assessments, static analysis and loads analysis all fall within this remit. Highly experienced stress engineers are often given signatory status also known as delegated technical authority, allowing them to check and approve stress engineers calculations and results. Matchtech posts large numbers of stress engineer jobs each month.

  • Ref No: BHN540070
  • Camberley, England
  • Ref No: BHN542547
  • Wimborne, England
  • Ref No: BHN525602
  • £38.58/hour
  • Prestwick, Scotland
  • Ref No: BHN543264
  • £40,000 - £50,000/annum
  • Southampton, England
  • Ref No: BHN541883
  • Norwich, England
  • Ref No: BHN541497
  • Norwich, England
  • Ref No: BHN544869
  • £35 - £40/hour
  • Hampshire, England
  • Ref No: BHN544612
  • Abingdon, England
  • Ref No: BHN525618
  • £38.58/hour
  • Prestwick, Scotland
  • Ref No: BHN544043
  • £40,000 - £49,000/annum
  • Gloucester, England