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Aircraft Fitter Jobs

Aircraft fitters generally work on the frame of the aircraft. In manufacturing, this includes building parts such as wings and fuselage structures from scratch. Maintenance involves replacing old or damaged structural parts and can include work on spars, beams, flooring, wings, engine nacelles and doors. Typical skills required include riveting, bolting, fitting, drilling, and sheetmetal work. Aircraft fitter jobs are available at original equipment manufacturer (OEMs) level, through the supply chain into the maintenance arena.

  • Ref No: BHN528081
  • Gloucester, England
  • Ref No: BHN537260
  • £17.45 - £27.31/hour
  • Yeovil, England
  • Ref No: BHN535164
  • travel allowance (travelling 50 miles+ )
  • Wimborne, England
  • Ref No: BHN543658
  • £23.49 - £25.39/hour
  • Bolton, England
  • Ref No: BHN530967
  • £27.62/hour
  • Stevenage, England
  • Ref No: BHN542274
  • £27.62/hour
  • Stevenage, England
  • Ref No: BHN528240
  • Gloucestershire, England
  • Ref No: BHN544551
  • Sevenoaks, England