Ref No. BHN511221
Location North London, England
Job type Permanent
Job Status Closed
You can not apply for this job as its status is Closed.
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To assess, schedule and permit defects received in liaison with supervisors, as appropriate for all priorities of works. To ensure defects are attended/repaired within required contractual timescales.



The Job

Management of Enquiries

  • Receiving and logging defects from the Police, inspectors and Client call centre by phone and email
  • Assess all enquiries against the defect guidance and relevant intervention levels to determine appropriate response timescale
  • Reassign wrongly routed enquiries to the appropriate enquiry subject
  • Close down enquiries that do not need to be actioned with the appropriate resolution code, for example duplicated enquiries, intervention levels not met, private property etc.
  • Proactively support the management of enquiries with other, priorities and in workstreams.

Issuing Works

  • To continually liaise with operational supervisors to discuss workload and resource available
  • Locate the most appropriate gang based on proximity, skill set and availability and alert them of the job by telephone
  • Ensuring all relevant information is provided to the gang, including due time, job/enquiry number and full location and description
  • Commit defects and orders.
  • Raise Section 81 requests as required and distribute results to all relevant parties.
  • Raise Parking Suspension requests and schedule installation/removal of enforcement notices


  • Scheduled works to ensure they are complete ahead of their due date.
  • Ensure appropriate permits are applied for where necessary in accordance with the relevant Permit Scheme
  • To ensure appropriate traffic management is resourced and available to carry out the works
  • Ensure job/permit stops and starts are exported within time and correct any errors as necessary.

Monitoring of Works

  • To liaise with crew during works/responses and provide any additional support as necessary, ie provision of specialist supply chain partners, addition equipment, TM etc.
  • To continually monitor "live" jobs to ensure their completion within timescales
  • To carry out a daily review of incomplete jobs
  • To review performance reports and action as required
  • Carry out daily review of follow on works and action as appropriate

General Duties

  • Collate information from supervisors to update and distribute a rota on a weekly basis
  • During the winter period, relay winter maintenance instructions to the winter services supervisors immediately upon receipt
  • To actively foster a positive staff morale
  • To willingly carry out any reasonable task as requested by a member of management
  • To manage all works with Health and Safety as a priority consideration and within the guidelines of the Traffic Management Act (TMA) Street Works Requirements
  • Ensure compliance with company policies and procedures
  • Assist the Customer Services team and Customer Service Centre to resolve queries through the provision of information on request
  • Engage with the Supervisors to ensure a joined up approach to management of the network and effective use of traffic management and enable them to apply for TTROs within prescribed timescales
  • Monitor Hub inbox correspondence to ensure timely action
  • Ensure all utility faults are raised and actioned appropriately
  • Record and report ICT issues to the relevant team.
  • Provide administrative support to the Operations Lighting Team
  • Provide Stat Plans of utilities to the Operations and Schemes teams upon request
You can not apply for this job as its status is Closed.
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