Work Plan Exhaust

Ref No. CLG01234567
Salary $500 - $700/day
Location South Korea
Start date ASAP
Job type Contract (8 months)
Job Status Open


Work Plan Exhaust


The Job

Review and propose specifications for

 Standard exhaust systems (scrubber, VOC)

 Emergency exhaust (GEN1, GEN2, Cabinet)

* Review and propose system design guidelines

* Basis: Industry best practices, environmental laws and safety standards

* Target:

 Exhaust ducts and dampers

 Scrubbers (wet and dry)

 VOC system

 Relevant sensors for safe operation

* Engineer for scrubbed and VOC exhaust

* including duct work

* Design experience

* Semiconductor process understanding

* Chemical and mechanical engineering background


* Accident release scenarios. Calculation e.g according US EPA Risk

Management Program Guidance for Offsite Consequence Analysis, German

DECHEMA Quelltermberechnung

* System components (e.g Scrubber)

* Basis: CFD simulations, CHEMCAD software

* Target: Optimized scrubber design (dimensions, efficiencies etc)

* Engineer for software simulations (e.g Chemcad, ProSIM, Umberto)

* Wet Scrubber design experience

* Process flow simulation

* Value engineering experience

* Semiconductor industry experience

* Chemical background


* Local exhaust abatement

* Basis: Industry best practices, SEMI, environmental laws, NFPA and FM


* Target:

 Review of wet / burn system connections and product selection

 Review of dry absorber system connections and product selection

* Engineer for local exhaust abatements

* Process tool experience

* Chemical background

* Understanding of semiconductor manufacturing process


* Dispersion modeling for stack space management on roof

* stack heights and design optimization

* outside air handling unit arrangements (avoid cross contamination) in the


* Engineer for dispersion modelling

* Air flow simulations (exhaust, air intake scenarios)

* Semiconductor industry experience

* Design experience

* Chemical background

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