Work Plan Exhaust

Ref No. CLG01234567
Location South Korea
Start date ASAP
Job type Contract (8 months)
Job Status Closed
You can not apply for this job as its status is Closed.
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Work Plan Exhaust


The Job

Review and propose specifications for

 Standard exhaust systems (scrubber, VOC)

 Emergency exhaust (GEN1, GEN2, Cabinet)

* Review and propose system design guidelines

* Basis: Industry best practices, environmental laws and safety standards

* Target:

 Exhaust ducts and dampers

 Scrubbers (wet and dry)

 VOC system

 Relevant sensors for safe operation

* Engineer for scrubbed and VOC exhaust

* including duct work

* Design experience

* Semiconductor process understanding

* Chemical and mechanical engineering background


* Accident release scenarios. Calculation e.g according US EPA Risk

Management Program Guidance for Offsite Consequence Analysis, German

DECHEMA Quelltermberechnung

* System components (e.g Scrubber)

* Basis: CFD simulations, CHEMCAD software

* Target: Optimized scrubber design (dimensions, efficiencies etc)

* Engineer for software simulations (e.g Chemcad, ProSIM, Umberto)

* Wet Scrubber design experience

* Process flow simulation

* Value engineering experience

* Semiconductor industry experience

* Chemical background


* Local exhaust abatement

* Basis: Industry best practices, SEMI, environmental laws, NFPA and FM


* Target:

 Review of wet / burn system connections and product selection

 Review of dry absorber system connections and product selection

* Engineer for local exhaust abatements

* Process tool experience

* Chemical background

* Understanding of semiconductor manufacturing process


* Dispersion modeling for stack space management on roof

* stack heights and design optimization

* outside air handling unit arrangements (avoid cross contamination) in the


* Engineer for dispersion modelling

* Air flow simulations (exhaust, air intake scenarios)

* Semiconductor industry experience

* Design experience

* Chemical background

You can not apply for this job as its status is Closed.
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