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Green jobs

'Providing the skills to build a better future, one job at a time'

Matchtech are committed to supporting the transition to a green economy within STEM. Whilst the journey towards macro-level global goals is long and constantly evolving, every green job undertaken across all of our STEM industries plays a critical part. Without skilled engineers and technologists, global decarbonisation targets will quite simply remain unreachable.

About green jobs

The evolving landscape of the green economy has given rise to new roles and industries, as well as a shift in focus of current roles. We can undoubtedly expect more change on the horizon. At Matchtech, we want to support candidates who are looking to transition their focus and skillset towards green jobs, as well as those who already possess the skills and expertise. 

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Renewable Energy

What is a green job?

It is important to recognise that many (if not all) jobs will to some extent progressively incorporate greener practices or necessitate enhanced green skills. At Matchtech, we are focused on ensuring that we both promote and source these green skills across all relevant roles. 

A true 'green job', however, goes one step further than this. Defining what constitutes a green job is in itself challenging. Our focus here is roles that will have a significant impact on reducing net carbon emissions and/or protecting the environment.

Green jobs at Matchtech

Climate impact and emissions reduction are naturally woven throughout the strategies of our STEM clients. STEM industries are evaluating processes, infrastructure and technologies to assess the best means of meeting both current and future targets. Emissions must be cut, products reformulated and ways of working reassessed, all of which requires rigorous thought, planning and expert application if they are to succeed. 

We are in a privileged position to source the engineering and technology skills required by our clients to both meet decarbonisation targets and innovate to drive towards the broader climate agenda. 

Water Engineering

We are seeing a constant increase in green jobs across all of our sectors  

Through collaborating with a range of organisations, we are sourcing the talent to: support multiple renewable energy projects, develop sustainable vehicles, foster sustainable environments, and address the critical tech impact on environmental sustainability. Our sister brand, Barclay Meade, is also seeing an increasing demand for sustainability skills across HR, Procurement and Finance, alongside the emergence of dedicated sustainability & ESG management roles.

Lack of green talent is a barrier to Net Zero 

Deep emissions reduction is required across all sectors to meet Net Zero targets. STEM industries are at the forefront of this ever-evolving journey. However, the shortage of skilled talent poses a challenge, exacerbated by the rapid growth of green jobs and the need for specialised knowledge. This necessitates long-term action plans from business leaders to address skills gaps and drive innovation.

Highway Drainage

Green jobs are here to stay!

As a green talent partner, we want to support our clients to identify their skills gaps and find the talent to reach their green targets, in addition to championing the broader campaign to elevate green careers at entry level and consider the reskill and upskill requirements of the current workforce.

For more details on Matchtech’s own sustainability and environmental strategy, please see our 2023 Sustainability Report.