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Manufacturing Engineer Jobs

Manufacturing engineers design, implement, monitor and maintain manufacturing processes. They consult with design engineers in order to achieve the most efficient and cost effective way of producing the highest quality product possible. Many organisations operate 'cross-functional' teams with the manufacturing engineer involved at every stage, from design and development, to production, research and after-sales service. Manufacturing engineer jobs typically require individuals to have strong organisational, communication and planning skills. Matchtech is a key supplier of manufacturing engineers on a contract and permanent basis.

  • Ref No: BHN539197
  • Burnley, England
  • Ref No: BHN542614
  • £30,000 - £40,000/annum
  • Fareham, England
  • Ref No: BHN542035
  • £29,000 - £42,000/annum
  • Southampton, England
  • Ref No: BHN532282
  • £40,000 - £44,800/annum
  • Wimborne, England
  • Ref No: BHN538839
  • Bristol, England
  • Ref No: BHN523587
  • £33.60/hour
  • Bolton, England
  • Ref No: BHN536843
  • £28,000 - £33,000/annum
  • Elland, England
  • Ref No: BHN526251
  • £38,000/annum
  • Clevedon, England
  • Ref No: BHN525268
  • Lisburn, Northern Ireland
  • Ref No: BHN534580
  • Southampton, England