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Utilities Jobs

Matchtech's Utilities Division provides temporary and permanent recruitment solutions to companies providing design, engineering and construction within Gas, Electric and Water Utilities. We have relationships with all major contractors and utility companies providing a service within water, gas and electric utilities. The utilities jobs we cover include mains layers, site agents, leakage technicians, meter installations, meter readers, loggers, mains rehabilitation design & site, cable layers, telecommunications, network service technicians and data analysts to name a few.

  • Ref No: BHN512927
  • £45,000 - £50,000/annum
  • Wokingham, England
  • Ref No: BHN511018
  • £300/day
  • Newquay, England
  • Ref No: BHN512132
  • Bicester, England
  • Ref No: RDB53566
  • Scotland
  • Ref No: BHN512137
  • Bicester, England
  • Ref No: RDB54512
  • Gloucestershire, England
  • Ref No: BHN510995
  • £40,000 - £50,000/annum
  • Motherwell, Scotland
  • Ref No: BHN510792
  • Oxford, England
  • Ref No: BHN512126
  • Bicester, England
  • Ref No: BHN512139
  • £50,000 - £60,000/annum
  • Banbury, England